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Sex Therapy

Why Sex Therapy?

Sex can be an act of pleasure, love, empowerment, or connection. 


It can also come with stress, trauma, insecurity, and a multitude of questions!


Partnered Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is also for partners who want to have better sex! Sex seemed easy and abundant at first but now... not so much. Maybe things are pretty good and you want them to be better, but you don't know where to start. Perhaps they were never good at all, but the emotional connection is there so you're ready to do the work. Maybe chaos, or the routine of life, or the pandemic turned your relationship upside down and you need to reconnect.

Who is it for?

Sex Therapy is for everyone! Whether you want to talk about sex, intimacy, trauma, technique, gender, or sexual liberation, a Sex Therapist has the knowledge-base to help you on your journey beyond the typical therapeutic training.

What do my partner and I need to begin?

My focus with couples starts with building strong communication skills. Sex is a vulnerable subject and you need to know how to talk to each other with compassion and empathy before getting into it. From there, we explore what you each desire and figure out how to make it happen safely and joyfully. 

What can it do for me?

Sex and intimacy impacts our mental health and self-image. Most of us had little or inaccurate sex education.  That's where Sex Therapy comes in to help you process your experiences and help you on your journey towards sexual esteem.

There's no such thing as TMI

I am a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and

AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist. There's nothing you can't discuss in our sex-positive, affirming therapy sessions! I support people of all genders, sexual and relationship orientations.

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