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Practicing since 2006

I'm Marie Ragona, a New York State licensed Creative Arts Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. 

Developing my practice has been one of the most gratifying and intense challenges of my life. I know how fortunate I am to combine some of my interests- art, psychology, and human sexuality- to help a little. It's truly a privilege. 

Art Therapy was the first step in my career. I offer this to individuals and couples because sometimes words alone cannot express the feelings inside of us. Art Therapy is for everyone, all you need is an open mind and something to draw with. It could be one of the enriching tools we employ in the therapeutic process.

Sex Therapy feels like the natural partner to Art Therapy. Art-making and sexuality are inherently creative. Learning to talk about sex, sexuality, gender, pleasure, relationships, and life experiences can be done through the lens of both modalities.  

My practice focuses on sexuality because it is a significant piece of our identity that often gets minimized. I want to help people feel empowered to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships, and then shift that which does not serve them to center joy and pleasure because it's what we all deserve. 

When I'm not working, you'll find me by the water, listening to a funny podcast, and drinking a boba tea with a reusable straw. I'm planning to adopt a dog and let them sit with me during sessions. I don't think that'll violate any privacy laws... ;)​

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