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Creative Arts Therapy

At times, words do not seem sufficient to convey our deepest feelings. We find ourselves repeating the same frustrating patterns in relationships, career, and daily life. While we know something has to give, often we are unsure how to make it happen, and even doubt if we’re capable.


Utilizing drawing and painting supplies, creative writing, journaling,  sculpture, or collage can be a powerful way to see deeper into ourselves and understand what makes us who we are. It can illustrate the thoughts and behaviors that hold us back, and it can be used to inspire the changes we need to make.

What could I expect from Creative Arts Therapy?

In session, you will be guided through a supportive, creative process that can help you achieve a deeper understanding of yourself and validate your life experiences without judgment from your therapist. Each session will offer tools and ways to help confront thoughts and behaviors that are not working for you, identify your strengths, and feel a sense of empowerment. With this work comes a greater ability to express yourself and acknowledge all of the accomplishments throughout the process of your growth.

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